Species Conservation

Crane and Raptor Working Groups

Namibia Crane News No. 51 (November 2013)

18 Dec 2013

This issue brings you news of our dry season counts, which reached a more encouraging maximum of 23 cranes (compared to the wet-season total of 16 in April 2013). 

As always, there are more questions than answers; we still do not know where the “extra” cranes go during the wet season, and continue with plans to fit a leg-mounted tracker (a solar PTT, sponsored by the Environmental Investment Fund of Namibia) as soon as we can capture a suitable bird. In the mean time, thanks to interested observers, we are obtaining excellent data on movements and survival from resightings of ringed birds.

This issue also includes some exciting reports of Wattled Cranes in neighbouring countries, and an update on our flamingo tracking initiatives.