Species Conservation

NamPower/NNF Strategic Partnership

Newsletter 14 - Nov 2014

4 Dec 2014

The news highlights include the following:
• The European Investment Bank (EIB) has once again generously provided top-up funding for the continuation of the activities of the NamPower/NNF Strategic Partnership. Our sincere appreciation to the EIB for this ongoing support!
• Workshops and publicity include the strengthening of cross-border collaboration with the Eskom/EWT Strategic Partnership, and two training workshops in power line monitoring.
• Considerable progress is being made with our focal projects on bustards, flamingos and weaver nesting as we seek solutions to the problems caused by power lines to wildlife – and vice versa.
• This year much of the focus of activity for the Partnership has been on undertaking power line surveys. From April to November 2014, 26 dedicated surveys have been completed, covering 427 km and recording 73 incidents (mainly collisions). A big thank you to all our enthusiastic survey participants and other supporters, without whose commitment and assistance these results could not have been achieved.
• Our Environmental Information Service (EIS) now boasts 10,070 data sets - congratulations to our EIS team!
• NamPower is busy planning a marking programme for one of the main collision "hotspots" identified to date, the 10.4 km Trekkopje Bypass on the Khan-Trekkopje line. The 4 km section running eastwards of the Wlotzkasbaken Desalination Plant will be fitted at the same time. NamPower is also mitigating new power lines on an ongoing basis, as part of the standard EIA process. This ongoing investment in mitigation appropriately demonstrates Nam-Power's commitment to addressing wildlife and power line problems.
• Finally, a section with more detailed reports on power line surveys and incidents that have been reported over the past six months.