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5th IPCC report on climate change

Snapshots from the 5th IPCC report on climate change have just been released.…  

8 Oct 2013 | News

Pollution threaten fish resources

KATIMA MULILO - The Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources in partnership with the EU funded Namibia Nature Foundation (NNF) Fisheries programme held a stakeholders workshop to sensitise fishing communities in the Kavango Zambezi Trans Frontier Conservation Area (KAZA-TFCA) about the conservation and management of fisheries resources.…  

23 Sep 2013 | News

Village bicycle tourism business in Linyanti

Wheels of Africa should not be confused with Wheels of Change, whose Montana team have also supported Wheels of Africa with a shipment of bikes, but more recently sent a container to the village of Linyanti in far northeastern Namibia. BEN Namibia has coordinated logistics and provided training with support from NEIA and German brake manufacturer.…  

18 Sep 2013 | News

MCA Namibia donates donkey carts

MCA Namibia (MCA-N) INP is donating nine (9) donkey carts to the combined value of N$ 90,000 to five (5) devil's claw harvester groups in Kavango Region, two of which were handed over to members of the Katope Community Forest on 28 August 2013. These donkey carts form part of MCA-N's Indigenous Natural Products (INP) activity and will assist harvesters to transport produce from their remote communities to the nearest buying point. Namibia Nature Foundation Project Coordinator Fidelis Mpofu, coordinated the handover of the donkey carts. …  

5 Sep 2013 | News

Dogs a solution to small stocks farmers-wildlife conflict

Despite cheetahs being seen as livestock killers, analysis of their droppings has shown only five percent had preyed on farm animals. …  

28 Aug 2013 | News

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