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First proof that mountain zebra can cross the Fish River Canyon

The mountain zebra trails leading down into Fish River Canyon in southern Namibia show that these remarkable animals can scale the walls of this enormous geological fissure but, up to now, there has been no proof that they actually cross the Canyon. This question has been resolved by camera trapping on both east and west sides and the use of a unique recognition system that allows individuals to be identified using fingerprint-like variation in their stripe patterns. …  

30 Mar 2016 | News

Otjimboyo Conservancy

Otjimboyo Conservancy is seeking an investment partner to develop the area/site described below: …  

3 Aug 2015 | News

World Oceans Day Celebrated at Luderitz

Celebrating World Oceans Day World Oceans Day has been celebrated annually on 8 June since 2008, when the United Nations officially declared it World Oceans Day. Our oceans are bountiful: they help feed us, they provide us with energy, they regulate our climate, purify our water, help carry most of the world’s trade goods, and they inspire us. …  

3 Jul 2015 | News

Shell NIMPA Progress stories

This work is carried out as part of a collaboration between the MFMR, NNF (African Penguin Project & Namibian Dolphin Project) and UCT to support the support the Namibian Marine Islands Protected Area, with financial assistance from Shell Namibia Upstream B.V.…  

19 Mar 2015 | News

Shell supporting the Namibian Islands Marine Protected Area

Namibia Nature Foundation is pleased to announce a new collaboration with Shell Namibia Upstream B.V…  

16 Dec 2014 | News

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