At the heart of the achievements of the fish reserves are people like Salvation Matengu Ntelamo, who turned the fish reserves and fisheries project into what it is today: a conservation success story.

Ntelamo, Conserving the Zambezi Fisheries with PRIDE

George Mukoya and Muduva Nyangana conservancies in the Khaudum North Complex of the Kavango East Region, face serious human-elephant conflicts and damage to water infrastructure. It is upon this background and with a mission to reduce conflict, that the two conservancies are constructing ring trenches around six identified waterpoints.

Institutional Support Compliments Conservation

The NNF in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, with support from the U.S Embassy through its Small Grants Programme trained 21 conservancy game guards in Tallismanus, a small settlement in the Otjombinde constituency.

Developing Skills & Competencies for Effective Wildlife & Natural Resource Management

A list of contacts to call regarding crime issues.

Contacts for Wildlife Crime and Issues